What’s TWINCODE 7 – 19 ?



The Quran calls its numerical miracle ‘Al-Maṯānī’ (المثانى ). In fact, Al-Maṯānī means two repeated numbers, and these two numbers (7 and 19) is a numerical system locked by way of repetition. The numbers 7 and 19 are not detached from each other. Therefore, to try to find the Quran’s numerical functions by using only one of these two numbers is to fall outside of the system. After all, 7 and 19 being binary-coded is universal message of Allah.   

Although some compatibilities have been detected before, not having been noticed that the Quran was integrated with the dual system of 7-19, the claim that two verses were overage has been advanced in an effort to reduce some numbers to a multiple of 19. Those who claim this, because of that they have not attained the comment of the Quran’s numerical knowledge, have been out of their reckoning. However, when we see the tables (Lawwāḥatun) the Quran composes in a dual structure, together with proofs we shall ascertain that 19 is void alone.

Here the question that occurs to our minds is why Basmala doesn’t only be at the head of the Sura Tawbah. The first reason of this situation is about on the tables to be formed. And the second one is a process that Allah knows, that goes from the time the Quran has been sent to the end of the world, in which the universal revelation of Allah will be looked at with a doubt and denied. By reason of these doubt and denying would especially be related to the Sura Tawbah, Allah has not put Basmala expressed clemency and mercy on the head of this sura. It’s plain that Allah has made his numarical sistem in this way. Also, Quran lets us know in the part of the Sura Haqqa (The Inevitable) between 38th and 52nd verses, when a person hazards adding a word to the scripture, even if he is a prophet, their aorta will have been detached.

The reference verse that lets us know a binary-coded system has been given together with the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad, and that enounces a numerical system’s existence is 87th verse of the Sura Ḥijr. This verse is announcement that a numerical system has been sent down. If those who are engaged in research on coding of 19 would pay attention to this verse in numerical respect, maybe they would have discovered  “7-19” that was the real dimension of the system.

If suras, verses, words, and even arrangements of letters are analysed, it will have seen that all the Quran is locked by the numbers 7 and 19. Furthermore, it has also emphasized that this system is from Allah in the 23rd verse of the Sura Zumar (The Groups). Here is this numerical system has been expressed by using the word Al-Maṯānī that means “the repeated twain” or “what being twinned”.     

 This binary-coding system (Al-Maṯānī) is evidence that all the Quran has been saved. By the Quran’s own mathematical terms, this system doesn’t result in any remainder nor leave something missing. More clearly, there is no any verse or any word being residual in the Quran and there is no any verse which is not found in the Quran now, despite it actually belongs to the Quran. Here, if you carefully examine the Quran’s data which comes out by means of this coding , you will see those facts:

Balance of two different numbers of binary-coding ensures that even only one chapter of the Quran can not be imitated and introduces evidence to dispel doubts. Mathematical balance of the Quran’s being inimitable authenticates the claim of verses defying all the world and informing us about even only one chapter of the Quran can not be made by people.

2:23,24 “If you have your doubts about it, which we have sent down to our servant, then produce a sura (chapter) like this; and also, call your all witnesses to assist except Allah, if you are truthful. If you can not, which you will never be able to do, then fear the fire whose fuel is human beings and stones, that has been made ready for unbelievers.”

You will witness that all the Quran has been saved.

15:9 “Verily we, we have sent down the Dhikr (the Quran); and it’s guardians are we.”

The words used at the ends of verses in the Quran are rhymed and this rhyming has also the “7-19” binary code. This phonetic transcription designed to appeal to the ear is a part of the same numeric miracle and lets us be able to sense the miracle by sound. 

 Praise be to Allah, bringing this binary numerical system which dispels doubts to light, revealing the scripture with provable characteristics in this era that the science reaches it’s peak!

 27:93 “And say: Praise is only to Allah. He will show you his miracles and you will see and remember them. Your Lord is not unaware of things you do.”


Translated by Halil Bilgili